Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Levitz Furniture Review

Levitz Furniture Review

...I tried to add more pieces to an existing set of furniture, and Levitz treated me poorly, canceled my order, and they not only kept my deposit but are

sending me a bill for nearly $300 on merchandise I never received. They have my initial deposit and currently billed me $272!...


Levitz Furniture Going out of Business Sale Begins Immediately at All Locations

...CHICAGO--(Business Wire)--Store closing sales begin immediately at all 76 Levitz Furniture, Inc. stores. Over $165 million of furniture and accessory

inventory from famous makers is being liquidated.

Discounts from 20% to 50% are now being offered on all merchandise in all stores. Consumers will be able to take advantage of important savings on furniture

for the living room, dining room, bedroom, kids' room and home office. Additionally, outdoor furniture, lighting, and home entertainment centers will be deeply



Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
False Warranty, Terrible Customer Service - Urbana Dining Set - Bad Customer Service & False W

Had new table, 8 chairs and matching hutch delivered in Aug 2006. We discovered blistering (bubbling of the varnish) on the beveled edge of the table

in July 2007. Called within our one year warranty to have service. Technician told us at time of servicing that he was unable to fix the problem. It was due to

moisture within the wood.

His temporary fix to sand and refinish did not remove the problem. He told us that this was a manufacture defect and we would receive a call to get new table

top. No call came.....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
Very poor customer service - buying new furniture

I purchased furniture for my home in 2004 from levitz on venice bl. in l.a. I got a buy now pay later deal and now I realize why . the store service was , of

course, great. I ordered my furniture with the belief it would arrive on the date that was promised to me. well, that was the start of my nightmare.

the store did not deliver on that certain day and I was told to wait 3 more days. I did. some of my furniture showed up and some was 2-3 months away. let me

add that I purchased my furniture in September and my drama with defective furniture....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Informative
Merchandise purchase experience - Purchase experience

I wrote the following letter to the CEO of the Levitz furniture company, Mr. Larry Zigarelli on 8/26/2007 regarding my purchase and delivery service issues

hoping for response from him or someone in his office to help resolve a very unsatisfactory delivery service issue after I attempted to resolve through other

company management levels and the customer service department.

After waiting for a response of any kind which never came, I wrote him again in hopes of a response but still no response to date....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Informative
Going out of business - Furnishings

Levitz Furniture, the troubled home furnishings retailer that filed for bankruptcy protection last month, is closing all 76 of its stores nationwide, including

two retail outlets and a distribution warehouse in Sacramento.

The New York-based company began a liquidation sale at all its stores Thursday.

The liquidation was launched after a bankruptcy judge last Monday approved the sale of PLVTZ Inc., which does business as Levitz Furniture, to a group of

bidders for $57.6 million.

Prices for furniture are discounted 20 percent to 50 percent, he said.....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
On Sale in March - Not in Stock till June! - Outdoor bench

In one of Levitz's March ads inserted in our newspaper, they advertised an outdoor bench we were interested in. That same weekend the ad ran, we

went to the store, but were told they had not received them yet and to come back in a week. Now usually, that would be enough for us to just walk away, but

we really liked this bench so we came back the following weekend.

Surprise - still no benches in stock, but they could order one for us.....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
I worked for Levitz...

I spent several horrible years working for Levitz, and from seeing the inside of the company, I would not recommend shopping there. First off, for all of

you who are receiving damaged furniture and dealing with incompitant customer service people you need to know that half the people who work in the

distribution facilities are on drugs (maybe more than half)! Every manager knows it, but the company would not pay for drug testing....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
Delivery -- lying salespeople - Delivery

I bought a mattress set last week at the store near Union Square in NYC, and the salespeople told me an elaborate story about how the truck gets to

the store at 8:00 a.m., drops off new merchandise, picks up deliveries, and is on the road by 9:00 a.m. They told me that I would be the first delivery and

promised to be there by 11:00 a.m....


Levitz Furniture Corporation Complaint
Don't buy anything from Levitz - Mattress and boxspring

After shopping for a mattress we saw an add for a mattress sale at levitz. After choosing our mattress we were told it would be a week to deliver but we

could take the floor model if we would take it home ourselves, big mistake. We were not told this was regarded as clearance and would not be able to

exchange or return it for any reason.....